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Where can we spend time with our relative when we visit the home?

You're most welcome to visit them in their own room, in one of our communal areas or in our delightful garden, weather permitting.

What will happen about their personal pension/finance’s?

This is an area we do not get involved in, but can guide you as to where you can get further advice.

Can we bring in children and babies to visit?

Yes, by all means. The residents always love to see them. However, we please ask that you not to bring them in if they show any signs of illness or you are aware they are unwell. Some of our residents can be vulnerable even to coughs and colds.

Do you have a hairdresser?

Yes she visits weekly. We also have a chiropodist and Optician who come to the home.

What happens with the laundry?

We launder all clothing. All we ask is that you clearly label all clothing and it be machine washable.

What would happen should my relative need to see a doctor?

We have our own ‘In House’ doctor who runs a regular weekly surgery within the home. A duty doctor or District Nurse will also visit if required in between times.

Do you take residents out?

Yes, we do go out and on occasions family members join us. Also, on warm sunny days, our residents often go outside to enjoy our lovely garden!

Do you have entertainers come into the home?

Yes, we have a good variety of entertainment every week. You are also most welcome to come along!

Where can we park?

You may either park in the car park in front of our building or there is parking in some side roads nearby and a public car park a very short walk away.

How much will it cost?

This is worked out based on a range of individual circumstances including the room type and dependency requirements.

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