The health and wellbeing benefits of being able to get outside, sit in the sun, and enjoy some enjoyable and stimulating outdoor activities are numerous and should be an important consideration when choosing a care home.

Research indicates that access to nature and the outdoors helps people recover from illness quicker, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. For people living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, access to a well designed outdoor space can help provide familiar, purposeful activities that can stimulate the senses to help them stay connected even when verbal communication becomes more difficult. 

Simply feeling the sun on your face can be enough to lift your mood, and the availability of pleasurable activities can play an important part in helping residents maintain a sense of purpose, positivity  and general wellbeing.

Obviously the area must be safe and secure, but the availability of an environment that supports their needs, with activities that hold meaning for them, helps their carers develop closer links with them to better understand who they are.

Outdoor activities to enjoy here at Quarry Mount

Our garden at Quarry Mount is a much loved and well used space by our residents where they have the opportunity simply to relax or enjoy a range of enjoyable activities.

Time to get social – Activities outdoors provide an excellent opportunity for our residents to get together and enjoy the company of others. Group activities such as gardening tasks, exercising together, outside games or just simply sitting together and enjoying a drink and snack outside all provide a shared focus that can stimulate conversation and reminiscence.

Connecting with nature and the passage of the seasons tends to have a very calming effect, promoting good sleep patterns, and reducing frustration and anxiety. Many care home residents enjoy spending time looking out for wildlife, and activities that encourage wildlife into the garden, such as making bird feeders, and planting vegetables and flowers can provide purpose and are highly enjoyable. 

Let’s get Physical – Whilst some people are happy to sit and admire the garden, others (especially those who used to be very keen gardeners) will want to be busy and physically active. Weeding and planting are great activities as they provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Raised beds help make sure the garden is accessible to everyone including those in a wheelchair, and for the more physically able, activities such as raking up leaves, or pruning may prove enjoyable. The garden also provides a great space for games and activities such as dancing, games and crafts, all of which provide a chance to stretch the legs and get some gentle exercise.

Contact Quarry Mount Care Home

Our garden at Quarry Mount is a much loved and well used space by our residents. To find out more about it, and our other dementia specialist facilities contact Quarry Mount care home and arrange to speak to the Manager who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Quarry Mount is a  specialist dementia care home in Swindon with a strong sense of community and a truly welcoming atmosphere. The home has been carefully adapted to meet the needs of those living with dementia  and our dedicated team of experienced and long serving staff  are specialists in dementia care. To find out more about the services we offer, please give us a call on 01793 250455 .

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April 15, 2021