Regular exercise is good for you. We all know that, but for older people living with dementia its all too easy for underlying health complaints, mobility problems, or even simple lack of motivation to lead to them becoming less active.

If a person is spending long hours everyday chair-bound,  they may need some help and encouragement to increase their activity levels. It won’t just improve their physical health, but their mental health too.

The benefits of moving more

Exercise can improve your health in general – It gets the blood pumping round the body, and makes you less lethargic and more alert. It’s good for your heart and can help reduce high blood pressure.

Reduces the risk of falls – Regular exercise improves your core strength and balance. It keeps the bones strong, and prevents muscles deteriorating, helping you maintain and even improve your level of mobility and independence.

Improves your mood and sense of wellbeing – exercise can ease anxiety and agitation and, for people living with dementia, it can help reduce restlessness and wandering. It helps you sleep better at night, and can improve self esteem and confidence in your own abilities.

Making exercise fun at Quarry Mount!

Here at Quarry Mount Care Home we try to be creative in the activities we provide to make sure exercise is a lively, sociable, and above all enjoyable activity that everyone can join in whatever their ability. 

Exercise takes many forms and with a little imagination we’re sure to be able to find a suitable activity that your loved one will enjoy taking part in.

Dementia-friendly exercise

So whether its a spot of dancing round the lounge (always one of our favourite pastimes here!) armchair aerobics, beach ball games, or indoor bowling to name just a few, there’s always an activity to get everyone up and moving!

Don’t worry if your loved one is reluctant to do very much at first. Fear of falling, or loss of both confidence and motivation, are common worries that prevent people being active. Careful choice of activity and the provision of appropriate balance and mobility aids (such as walking stick or rollator) can make all the difference. Nobody is suggesting a marathon! A little gentle exercise on a daily basis is the order of the day.

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October 9, 2020